Dr. Zylchov’s Laboratory

Hello puzzler!

Solve any good mysteries lately?

We here at Escapism Portland have been cooking up a few of them over the last few years, and today I’d like to tell you about one of them: Dr. Zychlov’s Laboratory!

This dastardly laboratory reminds us all not to judge a book by its cover. Though it looks like an ordinary building on Glisan Street in NE Portland, stepping inside will reveal the playground of a singular intellect: the mad scientist Dr. Zychlov!

Unfortunately, the good doctor has vanished before his work could be completed. Even more unfortunately, that work is highly radioactive and still trapped somewhere in his lab!

 Though we have sent all manner of nuclear physicists, chemists, biologists, and weapons experts into the lab, none have been able to find Zychlov’s doomsday device.

 The Lab may have stumped the best scientific minds we could summon, but it’s a great room to start with if you’re new to escape rooms! It combines padlocks, lab equipment, and even a smidge of chemistry to create an experience that is perfect for smaller groups.

 We can’t be sure, but it seems like Zychlov was involved with some very suspicious and well-connected characters. Perhaps if you begin your journey with escape rooms here you will uncover the larger conspiracy at work behind the scenes?

 Are you brave enough to heed our call for help?
Or will you allow Dr. Zychlov’s explosive experiments to endanger all of Portland?

(No judgments either way. Just asking.)

(But seriously…we could really use your help)

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, Puzzler!

It’s your mysterious companion, Locke!

It’s the time of year when family and friends get together to spend quality time together. But in a time where cell phones and tablets are everywhere, it can feel difficult to get everyone to disconnect from their devices. That’s why we think that escape rooms are the perfect holiday activity.

It’s a time-honored tradition: get everyone together to eat, celebrate, and be merry.christmas-3010831_1920 But instead of going to a movie or dusting off that old copy of Monopoly, why not bring the whole group out to an escape room?

Parents, grandparents, and kids can all enjoy solving puzzles and exploring together, and you just might learn that the people you know and love have puzzle-solving chops you never knew about! Even inexperienced puzzlers will find themselves discovering vital clues and having a blast.

What’s more, the one-hour time limit and “no cell phones required” rules help keep distractions away. So if you’ve got a teen who can’t seem to put their phone away, bring them to one of our rooms and let the teamwork begin!

 Escape room experiences make great gifts as well, since you know you’re not giving them something they already have! Instead of a knick knack that’s just going to collect dust in the closet before being re-gifted next year, why not give them a truly unique experience in one of our escape rooms?

 That’s it for now my friends.

We at Escapism Portland hope that you and yours have a marvelous holiday season, and that your year to come will be filled with love, adventure, and—of course—escape rooms!

A message from the mysterious Mr. Locke!

Greetings, puzzler!white
I’m so glad you could join us at Escapism Portland. Many mysteries are afoot in this town and we need your brainpower to unravel them.

Naturally, you’ve got questions. You’re the inquisitive sort. That’s probably why you’re here, reading about escape rooms.

Perhaps your questions start with, “what is an escape room?”

Perhaps you’re thinking, “when can I do the next one!?”

Perhaps you’re wondering who is writing this?

For now, you may refer to me as Locke.

That’s not my real name, of course, but we all have secrets.

Perhaps in time you will prove yourself trustworthy enough to learn my true identity.

Here at Escapism Portland we cater to all types of puzzlers, from brand-new first-timers to puzzle-hardened veterans who think they’ve seen it all. Each of our rooms features different themes and difficulty levels that ensure you and your intrepid teammates will have a unique experience and a story to tell afterwards.

Before you begin your adventures with Escapism Portland, you should know that we do things a little differently. First of all, we send you into the room with no staff member looking over your shoulder. We feel that this approach allows for a more immersive experience, and should you need clues our room operators are only a phone/radio/crystal ball call away.

Secondly, when you book an escape experience with Escapism Portland, you’ve got the room all to yourself! Other escape room companies will charge extra to fill empty slots in a reservation or pair you up with strangers, but we here at Escapism like to keep it simple. If you book a room it’s all yours, no matter how large or small your group is.

So, are you up for the challenge?

That’s it for now, but check back with us in the coming weeks for details on what you can expect from an experience at Escapism Portland! We’re going to go into greater detail about upcoming rooms, tips for success, explosive secrets entrusted to us by shadowy sources, and much more!

The room is coming together!

This weekend, we made a lot of progress in putting the room together! Most of the clues are in place and we are almost ready for our first test customers!

We will be open to the public beginning weekends in December! Sign up now to reserve your spot or get on the email list for updates!


Prop preview!

I have taken photos of some of the artifacts and clues you will find throughout the lab! 


You find a gas mask on the lab bench. You suddenly wonder if you should be wearing it…


An old beat up tape recorder is sitting on the desk…Surely this doesn’t work?


A single light bulb burns overheard. A faint greenish glow emanates the room


This seems to be a manual of sorts…How to decipher the meaning?


So many keys, so little time.

Escapism Portland props

Something weird seems to be going on in this lab… What is the scalpel for??

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