Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, Puzzler!

It’s your mysterious companion, Locke!

It’s the time of year when family and friends get together to spend quality time together. But in a time where cell phones and tablets are everywhere, it can feel difficult to get everyone to disconnect from their devices. That’s why we think that escape rooms are the perfect holiday activity.

It’s a time-honored tradition: get everyone together to eat, celebrate, and be merry.christmas-3010831_1920 But instead of going to a movie or dusting off that old copy of Monopoly, why not bring the whole group out to an escape room?

Parents, grandparents, and kids can all enjoy solving puzzles and exploring together, and you just might learn that the people you know and love have puzzle-solving chops you never knew about! Even inexperienced puzzlers will find themselves discovering vital clues and having a blast.

What’s more, the one-hour time limit and “no cell phones required” rules help keep distractions away. So if you’ve got a teen who can’t seem to put their phone away, bring them to one of our rooms and let the teamwork begin!

 Escape room experiences make great gifts as well, since you know you’re not giving them something they already have! Instead of a knick knack that’s just going to collect dust in the closet before being re-gifted next year, why not give them a truly unique experience in one of our escape rooms?

 That’s it for now my friends.

We at Escapism Portland hope that you and yours have a marvelous holiday season, and that your year to come will be filled with love, adventure, and—of course—escape rooms!

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