tshirt logoEscapism Portland is a live action room escape game. Solve clues, puzzles, and tasks in small teams to unlock new secrets and eventually escape the room! You    have only one hour to unravel the mysteries and escape the room. Communication, teamwork, and skills of observation will help the best teams to make it out alive. Escape rooms are the newest craze in entertainment, topping the attractions list for major cities in Europe, Asia, and now the United States.




Enter the lab of Dr. Zylchov, a scientist in 1970s Eastern Europe. You have stumbled upon a room in an abandoned building, and the door has locked behind you. The escape room is full of clues, codes and puzzles hidden in a Cold War era lab. Dr. Zylchov is up to something in here, and the consequences may be disastrous! You will need to use critical thinking, observation, dexterity and a bit of luck in order to escape the room before time runs out! Play with your friends and family and take over this room. Time will fly by as you become lost in the world of Dr. Zylchov and his hidden secrets. Work quickly; the doctor seems to be fond of radiation! 

                                                                                                  Escape Rating: Beginner. Team size: 2-6



The last thing you remember was going to bed hours ago, but as you struggle awake, you realize you are in an entirely different place. As your eyes adjust, you feel a deep sense of foreboding……Welcome to the headquarters of the Vox Aurea Society! You and a small group of like minded citizens have been chosen as possible candidates to join our Secret Society. However, you must prove you are worthy before being admitted to the inner sanctum. Solve our secrets, and your world will open to luxuries of power and influence beyond your imagination. Fail, and well…you have seen too much…You have one hour! Good luck…

Escape Rate: Moderate. Team size: 2-8



A luxurious tropical vacation deep in the heart of the jungle. What could go wrong, right? You and your friends have been kidnapped overseas and are being held for ransom in a jungle camp! You see the scattered luggage and passports of past victims and feel entirely hopeless. But if you can outwit your captors, and soon, you may just have a chance at survival! You have just one hour before they return so you must work quickly to slip away in time.  The captors are known to have more than one trick up their sleeves so be cautious and good luck – you may just make it home! 

Escape Rate: Moderate. Team size: 2-5


Pierre Renaut was a world famous magician at the peak of his influence just two days ago. Now, he is a reviled prisoner soon to be hanged for the astonishing murder of his young assistant, Alita. During the grand finale of his show, Pierre performed his saw a girl in half illusion, but Alita was really sawed in half! Pierre claims his prop must have been tampered with, but no one believes him. Step backstage and discover Pierre’s world behind the curtain. His turn at the gallows is in just 60 minutes, unless you can prove his innocence. Learn the secrets behind his “magic” tricks and how it could have gone so wrong. 

Escape Rate: Challenging (easier with more people!). Team size: 2-12


A master wizard has spent the last several months cloistered in his hidden lair before finally vanishing completely. The old mage’s apprentice, suspicious and unwilling to trust anyone in the magical community, has contacted you in hopes you can help. Enter the dark chambers and work quickly to unravel the wizard’s secrets of alchemy. Will you be able to bring him back before it’s too late? 

Escape Rate: Challenging (easier with more people!). Team size: 2-12


Welcome to your new life as an exhibit in the Alien Zoo!  Intelligent lifeforms from all over the universe come to this intergalactic space station to view less evolved creatures in captivity. Your keepers have done their best to recreate a natural human habitat within your enclosure. You will spend the rest of your days here being ogled and teased by alien families as you attempt their insulting “intelligence tests.” The aliens think humans are among the most primitive lifeforms in the zoo. Can you prove them wrong? Other humans have been here for some time.  Perhaps if you work together, you can escape the zoo!

               Escape Rate: Moderate. Team size: 2-8

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You have only one hour to unravel the mysteries and escape the room.

Communication, teamwork, and skills of observation will help the best teams to make it out alive.

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Escapism was amazing! My husband and I had so much fun working together to solve the clues. We loved the theme of the room and the really well thought out clues. It takes a real talent to create this escape room! If you're looking for something different and fun for your date night or group of friends, Escapism won't disappoint!
I really loved (without giving away any spoilers) that there were many different kinds of clues that were concealed in different ways, used different kinds of intelligence, and required different strategies to solve. We each contributed at least one major clue, and the hour just FLEW by with all of us working on different things.
Escapism Portland